Some hints and tips on how to develop the best technique for steaming and frothing milk

What type of milk can you use?

The type of milk used will affect the frothing process. Whole milk will develop froth with more body, but low fat milk is easier to froth. It is easier and quicker to froth skim and soy milk as the fat content is not as high.
HINT: Fresh milk froths best, cold milk steams best.

Getting Started

Fill the steaming jug 1/3 full of cold fresh milk.
HINT: If possible keep your steaming jug chilled.
Before you start frothing the milk turn on the steam nozzle to release any build up of water, this will avoid your milk being diluted.

Hold the jug with one hand and with the other turn the steam nozzle on. You can use your hand to hold the bottom of the jug to feel the temperature.
Remember, the jug will get hot so make sure you remove your hand to avoid burning yourself.

Make sure the nozzle is immersed into the milk, the ideal position is about 5-10mm below the surface of the milk. Move the jug in a downward and upward motion.
HINT: When frothing you should always keep the nozzle in the milk to avoid splattering.

Once the correct temperature is reached stop frothing.
HINT: The milk will rise by another 5 degrees as the steam releases from the jug.

You should get thick and dense bubbles (if you have large air bubbles they will dissipate rapidly and your milk will fall) andunderneath the bubbles you will have your steamed milk.
HINT: Turn the steam valve off before removing the steam arm from the jug to avoid splattering of hot milk.

Cleaning the milk nozzle

The recommended steps are to wipe the steam nozzle with a wet/damp cloth before the milk hardens. You should also shoot some steam through to ensure the internal part is kept clean, have a cup ready to catch the water/steam.


The milk is too hot
Once the milk has been overheated it will not froth. The desired temperature is 70 degrees.

How do you know the milk is too hot or burnt?
The milk will no longer rise in the jug and the jug will be extremely hot.

Creating froth
You can only create froth with cold milk. You can be reheat the milk but no froth will foam.